We build chatbot that really works

We design chatbot to helps you take care of your customer in Cantonese or Mandarin. You can automate your customer services, online sales with a personalised chatbot.

Great for

Small business owners

As small business owners, you do not need to standby for your customer. Chatbot take care of your customer with guided conversation.

Chatbot is smart enough to take care of your orders. It can even arrange shipments and change an existing order.

69% of consumers prefer chatbot for quick communication

- Salesforce's research

Instant Response

Customer service with instant response tend to generate higher customer satisfaction. More satisfied customer means more business.

Get Paid Automatically

Why wait? Chatbot guide your customer to the entire journey to buy your product. Accept customer order and complete payment without leaving the chatbot.

Trend Advisor

Chatbot can suggest what is the most popular product. Research indicates 38% of customers ask chatbot for buying recommendation. Especially when they have no idea which is the best to buy.

Increase sales conversation

Target your message to promising prospects. Auto-tag first visit customer based on their preference. If they did not buy at first visit then you can display the related product or service at the second visit. Because this will increase the buy chance.

Personalise a chatbot that works for you

It is crucial to design a chatbot based on your business strategy. Align your chatbot to your brand and customer service style. Integrate to third party services to fulfil your customer. Make fallback option available. It should let customer to chat with real human when they are stuck with the bot.

It is important to design a chatbot that aligned to your brand strategy. Since your bot represents you, it should give consistent impressions to your customer.

Design chatbot with great guided conversation. Make it easy to navigate, help customer to complete goal.

Integrating to APIs, plug-ins is important to fuel your plan flies further. For example, integrate to a booking calendar, newsletter or payment gateway.

To give your customer a great experience, you need to provide some kind of fallback or escape route. Don’t let them get stuck in an endless loop of bot messages with no way out.